Best Puzzle Games – 4 Best Options

Best Puzzle Games

Playing puzzle games is a great way to enhance brain power and improve your cognitive abilities. People of all ages love playing puzzle games on their mobile phones. They believe puzzle games are a great source of entertainment and play a vital role in improving problem-solving abilities.

If you are a fan of playing puzzle games and searching for some of the best puzzle games for android, search no more. Here in this article, we have highlighted some of the best free-to-play puzzle games that you can comfortably play on your cell phone. So, stay connected and continue reading this article to explore some of the best puzzle games available on the Google play store.

4 Best Puzzle Games

Here are a few best puzzle games แทงบอล ขั้นต่ำ10บาท that you can easily download from the Google play store and enjoy playing them in your leisure time.

1.    Empty

If you feel your life is filled with too much clutter, consider downloading Empty and enjoying this game. This game allows you to experience simplicity by eliminating all clutter around you. Each level in this game begins as a minimalist space with small objects placed around you. These objects are depicted as a silhouette that features as low as one and scarcely more than a few colors.

The objective is to manipulate the scene so that the objects are merged into matching flat planes. Your task is to manipulate the room so that each object perfectly blends a wall of disappears.

Your success is dependent on finding the correct order in which the items dispense perfectly. It’s pretty satisfying when you empty a room and unlock the next stage. The designers of this game want you to relax when you play the game.

2.    Total Party Kill

This game encourages you to find a trio of heroes in a dank single-screen dungeon along with their exits inconveniently way out of reach. Then they hit upon a novel way of escape: sacrifice.

The task of the game player is to figure out the order in which everyone needs to be dispatched. The knight hacks at the chums along with his sword, which sends them flying across the screen towards inaccessible switches. The mage then freezes the companions into a block of ice, and the ranger uses his arrows to impale cohorts on the walls.

3.    XOB

XOB transforms your android device into an ancient TV. In this game, there are 100 levels of platform puzzling within the CRT fuzz and lurid colors. You have to find a path to exit by within these puzzling paths manipulating gravity.

While playing square, the entire level tilts and forces the square to trundle when you drag the screen. If it falls from the edge to the other plane, the whole scene twists. A single touch takes the square to the ceiling and rotates everything to 180 degrees.

This may disorient; however, the XOB keeps you attached to the screen through its retro-modem aesthetic. Finally, you get something that is at its core and is quite basic; however, the whole is elevated through a superb presentation and execution in a way that many other android games would do to make a note of.

4.    Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th is a different kind of game in the gaming industry. Instead of traipsing around a rickety building that may as well hang, ‘Enter to be murdered horribly’ above the door and get the odd jump scare, you have to face a sliding puzzler.

The objective of each level is to slide the horror icon, Jason Voorhees, through unsuspecting campers who are finally dispatched. The pathways become increasingly convoluted, and the move limits act as barriers to your desire to get everything stabby.

The puzzles are appropriately designed, and the horror straddles the line between the icky and ridiculous.

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