Bitnation has been busy building tools for ‘Government 2.0′ – a collection of decentralized and voluntary services to replace many of the traditional roles of the central government. Now they are offering the first glimpse of what their ‘Pangea’ platform will look like, with a proof of concept alpha release.

As an alpha release, Pangea is for demo use only. Visitors to the site at Bitnation.The world may log in using a horizon platform passphrase, but are warned not to use their mainnet passphrase as the current version of the service is not yet secure.

The Pangea platform boasts a blockchain notary service for registering documents on the blockchain, an encrypted email service, and a ‘DApp Library’ with links to other services such as the Basic Income program and Block Chain, which is described as the Bitnation space agency.

Other services in the planning which have yet to be added to this Alpha version include:

  1. BitPassport: A decentralized ID and reputation system
  2. BitResolution: For dispute resolution
  3. BitLand: For registering land titles on the blockchain
  4. BitMarriage: A marriage registration solution
  5. Bancorp: For business incorporation

The BitNation crowd sale still has 12 days to run.

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