Blood Fury OSRS Guide

Blood Fury OSRS Guide

Blood Fury is a powerful and dangerous spell introduced in Old School RuneScape by the mysterious Banshee. It is an extremely powerful spell that can be used to wreak havoc on the battlefield. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to Blood Fury, including its effects, advantages and disadvantages, and strategies for using it effectively. With the right knowledge, you can use Blood Fury to your advantage and master the battlefield.

What is Blood Fury OSRS

What is Blood Fury

Blood Fury is an OSRS guide that is designed to help players who want to take on the mighty Banshee in the game. It is an invaluable resource for players who want to complete the quest quickly and efficiently as it provides all of the essential tips and strategies for doing so. It also helps players to understand the mechanics of the Banshee and what strategies must be employed to complete the quest safely. With the help of this guide, players can easily defeat the Banshee and get their desired rewards.

How to Get Blood Fury

Blood Fury is a powerful weapon found in the game Old School RuneScape. It is a two-handed sword with a maximum hit of up to 90, making it one of the strongest weapons available. To get Blood Fury, players must complete the quest called “Banshee in Blood Fury”. This quest is part of the Fremennik Saga quest series, and is a medium difficulty quest.

The quest begins by talking to the Fremennik fisherman, located south of the Lunar Isle. He will tell the player of a mysterious banshee that was heard in the area. The player must then travel to the Moonclan Island, located east of Rellekka, and speak to the Moonclan leader. The leader will tell the player of the legend of Blood Fury, a powerful sword that was hidden away in fear of its power. The player will then have to find the sword and bring it back to the leader.

Once the sword is retrieved, the player will have to face the banshee in a fight. After defeating the banshee, the player will be rewarded with Blood Fury, as well as some gold and experience. The player can then equip the sword and use its powerful attack bonus in combat.

Blood Fury is a great weapon for players looking for an extra edge in combat. With its powerful attack bonus and high damage output, it is one of the best weapons available in Old School RuneScape.

Blood Fury Strategy Guide

Blood Fury Strategy Guide

Blood Fury Strategy is an effective way to take down the mighty Banshee in OSRS. This strategy requires high levels of Attack, Strength, and Defence, as well as good defensive and offensive gear.

When engaging in a battle with the Banshee, it is essential to keep your distance and avoid the ice spells. When you are far enough away, you can use the Blood Fury potion. This potion increases your Attack and Strength levels by 15% for 3 minutes. When the potion is activated, you will be able to hit harder and more accurately.

When the Blood Fury potion is active, it is important to keep your distance and use your best offensive gear. Ranged weapons are a great choice as they can hit the Banshee from a distance. You can also use a halberd or two-handed sword to hit the Banshee from a distance.

Additionally, you will want to make sure you have good defensive gear. Protect from Melee is a great prayer to use, as it will reduce the amount of damage you take from the Banshee. Additionally, you will want to have good armour and a shield to protect from the Banshee’s powerful ice spells.

Using this Blood Fury Strategy is an effective way to take down the mighty Banshee. With the right gear, potions, and strategies, you will be able to defeat the Banshee and move on to the next challenge.

How to Use Blood Fury

Blood Fury is an ultimate ability that players can use in the Old School RuneScape’s (OSRS) Banshee Realm. This ability can be used to increase the player’s damage output and accuracy while they are in the realm. It is important to note that Blood Fury is only available to certain players and is not accessible to all players.

To use Blood Fury, players must first equip a weapon on their main hand and a shield on their off-hand. This will activate the ability. Once the ability is activated, players will receive a +10% damage and +3% accuracy boost for the next 15 seconds. It is important to note that the effects of Blood Fury will not stack with other damage-boosting effects.

To maximize the benefits of Blood Fury, players should use it in combination with other damage increasing abilities such as Berserk, Improved Reflexes, and Ultimate Strength. Players should also make sure to time the use of Blood Fury with their other abilities in order to get the most out of it.

Blood Fury can be used to great effect in the Banshee Realm. It can be used to quickly take down powerful enemies, or to make short work of large groups of weaker enemies. It is important to remember that Blood Fury’s effects will only last for 15 seconds, so players should use it strategically.

Using Blood Fury in the Banshee Realm can be a great way for players to increase their damage output and accuracy in the game. By combining it with other abilities, players will be able to maximize the effects of Blood Fury and become more powerful during fights

Benefits of Using Blood Fury

Blood Fury is one of the most powerful combat potions in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It provides a sizable boost to the player’s Attack, Strength, and Magic levels for a short period of time. The potion is also a great asset for PvMers and skilling. Here are some of the advantages of using Blood Fury in OSRS.

Increased Damage Output

Blood Fury increases the player’s Attack level by 10%, their Strength level by 12%, and their Magic level by 8%. This translates to increased damage output in combat, and can be a great asset for PvMers. Players can use Blood Fury to take down high-level monsters quickly and efficiently.

Increased Efficiency in Skilling

The boost to Attack, Strength, and Magic also provides an advantage in skilling activities. Players can use Blood Fury to increase their efficiency in training skills such as Smithing, Woodcutting, and Fishing, among others. This can be especially beneficial for players who are looking to complete a skillcape or reach a certain level quickly.

Increased Accuracy

The increased Attack and Strength levels granted by Blood Fury also translate to increased accuracy in combat. Players can use Blood Fury to hit monsters more often and take them down quicker. This can be especially useful when trying to take down strong monsters such as bosses or those with high Defence levels.

Cost Effective

Blood Fury is relatively inexpensive to make, and the ingredients can easily be obtained from the Grand Exchange. This makes it a cost-effective way to get a boost to the player’s combat levels. The cost of making the potion is far outweighed by the benefits it provides.


Blood Fury Guide has been a great help in understanding the Banshee within OSRS. Not only do we understand the basics of the Banshee but also the best ways to slay them. From the equipment to the strategies, this guide has given us a better understanding of the Banshee and how to defeat it. With the knowledge of this guide, we can now feel more confident when trying to tackle this beast and come out on top. Having a strategy and a plan against the Banshee is key to success and with the guidance of Blood Fury Guide, you can do just that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What rewards can I get for completing the Blood Fury quest?

Completing the Blood Fury quest in Old School RuneScape will reward you with 12,000 experience points in the Ranged skill, along with a unique weapon called the Blood Fury.

Do I need any special skills to complete the Blood Fury quest?

Yes, in order to complete the Blood Fury quest you will need a minimum of level 65 Ranged and level 30 Slayer.

How long does the Blood Fury quest take to complete?

On average, it will take approximately two hours to complete the Blood Fury quest in Old School RuneScape.

Are there any risks associated with completing the Blood Fury quest?

Yes, there are certain risks associated with completing the Blood Fury quest. These include the potential for being attacked by aggressive monsters, and the chance of death if you are not prepared. It is recommended that you equip yourself with the best possible armour and weapons before attempting the quest.

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