GaaLodu: Get to Know the Cast, Release Date, Plot, Budget, Crew and Story

GaaLodu is an upcoming Telugu comedy-drama film that will be released on 18 Nov 2022. Starring Sudigali Sudheer and Gehna Sippy, this movie is all set to take the audience by storm. Directed by BN Reddy, the movie promises a unique story that would entertain all kinds of viewers. With its interesting plot and an ensemble of talented actors, GaaLodu is sure to be a success at the box office. This article will provide a detailed overview of the movie, including its budget, release date, cast, crew, and story. So read on to get to know more about this upcoming Telugu movie.

Cast of Gaalodu

Cast of Gaalodu

The main cast for Gaalodu includes Sudigali Sudheer as the protagonist, Gehna Sippy as his love interest and Praveen as the antagonist. The supporting cast includes Shashank, Rajeev Kanakala, Raja Ravindra, Suman and others.

The movie revolves around the life of a young man, played by Sudigali Sudheer, who is from a lower-caste family. He is determined to restore his family’s honour and to prove his worth. He is supported by Gehna Sippy, who is his love interest, and Praveen, who plays the role of the antagonist.

The movie is packed with powerful performances by all the actors and it is expected to be a blockbuster. Gaalodu was released on 18 Nov 2022 and it is receiving positive reviews from the audience and the critics alike.

Plot of Gaalodu

Plot of Gaalodu

The movie follows Srinu’s journey as he confronts his father and tries to prove his identity. In the process, he faces many difficulties, including a powerful enemy and a corrupt police officer. He also discovers a secret that his father has kept hidden from him.

The movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions and comedy, as Sudigali Sudheer and Gehna Sippy work together to help Srinu find his true identity. The movie also delves into the relationship between Srinu’s adoptive parents and his biological father, which is filled with love and understanding.

Gaalodu is a light-hearted comedy that shows us the importance of family and identity. With an interesting story and great performances from the lead actors, the movie is sure to make you laugh and cry.

Budget of Gaalodu

The movie was produced by Dil Raju and the director was Sai Kiran. The production team had to go through a lot of planning and strategizing before they started shooting. The locations had to be chosen carefully to make sure the production was cost-efficient.

The movie was shot in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas. The movie had some high-end action scenes to be shot, so they had to hire a team of experts to ensure the safety of the actors and crew. The movie had some expansive sets built and the costume design was elaborate.

The post-production was done in Hyderabad, where the team had to hire some of the best editors and VFX experts in the industry. The team had to invest in some of the most advanced software to make sure the movie looks spectacular.

Overall, Gaalodu was a costly affair and the production team had to make sure it was a success at the box-office. The movie was a success and the team was able to recover the cost of production.

Crew of Gaalodu

The movie revolves around a group of friends who are trying to save their village from the clutches of an evil businessman. To do so, they enlist the help of a village folk singer, Gaalodu. He is an artist who is determined to save the village and help the group of friends in their mission.

The film has an ensemble cast which includes Sudheer, Gehna Sippy, Uday Shankar, Ballireddy Prudhviraj, Satya, and Kajal Kashyap in key roles. Cinematography is handled by Pranay Nagesh and the music is composed by Kaala Bhairava.

The movie is said to be a story of friendship, courage and determination as the group of friends fight off the evil businessman and save their village from impending danger. Gaalodu is sure to entertain its viewers with its exciting plot and unique characters.

Story of Gaalodu

The movie follows the story of Gaalodu, a small-town boy who dreams of making it big in the city. He moves to the city and starts working at a software firm, but his dreams soon get derailed when he gets laid off. Gaalodu then turns to the world of crime and eventually becomes a gangster. He is soon caught up in an underworld turf war and must choose between his loyalty to the gang and his moral compass.

The movie showcases Sudigali Sudheer’s brilliant acting skills and Gehna Sippy’s flawless performance. It also features some talented supporting cast members, including Ajay, Raviteja, and Pooja Jhaveri. The movie has a unique storyline and keeps the viewers engaged throughout. It also has some amazing action sequences that will surely keep the audience hooked.

Overall, The Story of Gaalodu is a gripping movie that is sure to entertain you. It has a powerful story and brilliant performances, making it a must-watch for all Telugu movie fans.

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GaaLodu is a much-awaited movie among the audience as it promises to offer an entertaining story with a stellar cast. With Sudigali Sudheer and Gehna Sippy as the main leads, and a budget of around Rs. 10 crores, the movie is all set to be released on 18 Nov 2022. The story and plot of the movie is sure to keep the audience engaged, and the crew and cast will only add to the overall experience. With all its elements, GaaLodu is sure to be a hit among the audience and is sure to draw attention from moviegoers all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was GaaLodu released?

GaaLodu was released on 18 Nov 2022.

Who are the main cast of GaaLodu?

The main cast of GaaLodu was Sudigali Sudheer and Gehna Sippy.

What is the plot of GaaLodu?

GaaLodu is a comedy drama that follows the life of a young man who finds himself in the middle of a love triangle. He has to choose between two women, one of whom is a billionaire and the other a struggling artist.

What is the budget of GaaLodu?

The budget of GaaLodu was not made public.

Who is the crew of GaaLodu?

GaaLodu was directed by K. Nageshwar Reddy, written by Guduru Venkat and produced by D. Suresh Babu.

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