Look Forward to The Cricket NFTs Drop on Jump.trade (2022)

With the advancement of technology by employing blockchain, the world is upgrading with the passage of time. On a considerable note, NFTs have undergone a massive transformation with a positive impact on various sectors such as art, music, sports, games, fashion, entertainment, and many other industries. Remarkably, the sports industry has witnessed such an immense advancement. Sports-based NFT marketplace is one such instance. This blog will reveal the prominence of NFTs in sports and the drop of the cricket NFTs – “The Super Loot NFTs” alongside the future of the gaming industry.

NFTs are sport’s next big opportunity

The emergence of the NFT and its never-seen-before success in 2021 has brought lot more opportunities. With these considerations, undoubtedly, NFTs have revolutionized the sports industry. Bounding to it, fans of sports could be able to collect sports collectibles.

For instance, cricket is one such popular sport with the attention of a global audience. The concept of a metaverse in this sport will be a great delight for cricket fans. The fandoms could be given an opportunity to play the NFT cricket game.

Cricket fever is still here and will go beyond irrespective of what will be the situation it is and will be in. Moreover, the value of the NFT industry will reach US$75 billion by the end of 2025. Leveraging, the hype of cricket NFTs would be high.

The upcoming launch of the cricket NFTs is here soon

The “Super Loot NFTs” is the talk of the town where NFT enthusiasts and cricket fans are so much excited about it. Hopefully, you have heard about GuardainLink with prominence in the blockchain space. Now, they are stepping into the gaming space with a launch of “Jump.trade,” a marketplace. This is a platform where peeps could be able to buy the cricket NFTs. Seemingly, the world’s first Play-To-Earn NFT cricket game has been named Meta Cricket League. Upon the purchase of cricket NFTs, they will be able to participate in the event/premiere league and earn rewards. Jump.trade is already live and a further official announcement by GuardianLink is that the premiere of the eague would begin on April 22, 2022, and the countdown starts.

More About “The Super Loot NFTs”

A metaverse is a virtual space where one can interact with each other and will have the chance to attend meetings, parties, and so many others. It is based on blockchain technology with decentralization. The same applies here. The drop of the Super Loot NFTs and the premiere of the league would be coming with the concept of metaverse for cricket.

There are approximately 25,000 Super Loot NFTs up for NFT enthusiasts like you to grab any number of NFTs from them. This comprised metaverse cricket team NFTs or the combination of metaverse cricket team NFTs and authenticated signed digital NFTs of legends. One more exciting thing is those with a hold of 5 NFTs from “Super Loot NFTs” will have a chance to unveil a free 1 Treasure Box.

First Step Towards Buying Cricket NFTs

Are you a fan of cricket or with interest in NFTs? Jump.trade’s first drop, “Super Loot NFTs,” would be a great chance for you to grab. Yes, take your first step in signing up with your valid email address on Jump.trade. Preceding, fund the wallets and when the cricket NFTs are live, you could purchase them. Took part in playing the Play-To-Earn NFT cricket game and collecting rewards.

Will The Super Loot NFTs Drop Shapes Gaming?

Since the official announcement of the launch of the Jump.trade marketplace, NFT enthusiasts have been talking this about for these days, signifying such a buzz on the Internet.

Furthermore, the announcement of the drop of Super Loot NFTs on April 22, 2022, is still buzzing. As per a recent report, there is an expectation that this cricket NFTs launch will considerably take blockchain gaming to a new sphere, especially in almost every country across Asia. Adding to this, the craze for this cricket NFTs is high for NFT enthusiasts and cricket fans as well as gamers.

The premier of the league, the first-ever NFT cricket game, would be the long-awaited revolution in the blockchain space. When the day of the launch is nearer, the excitement soars considerably with the hashtag jump.trade cricket NFTs. As well, the UI/UX of the marketplace seems more impressive and thereby grabbing the attention of the potential users with the soaring hype.

What would be the future of the gaming industry?

The play-to-earn is seemingly a new concept in the gaming industry, which will allow gamers to earn money or collect valuable digital assets by playing games. With technological advancements, the gaming industry has come a long way.

In earlier days, free-to-play is the basis on which gamers are able to play games without any sort of financial commitments. This freemium-based game is downloadable and playable with limited experience. Gamers could use in-game currencies to buy the game characters. But, nowadays, the play-to-earn business model brings a lot of monetization opportunities.

The present scenario is all about the new-emerged concept of P2E, which would be revolutionary even in the forthcoming years with the inception of Jump.trade like marketplaces.

To Conclude,

In this article, we have given in-depth insights into the recent launch of the Super Loot NFTs on the Jump.trade platform. Alongside, we have seen NFTs are the sports’ best & big opportunities that come with bringing a lot more for NFT enthusiasts, sports fans, and gamers.

With these contemplations, it would be good for NFT enthusiasts to grab the chance of getting hold of Jump.trade cricket NFTs and participate in the play-to-earn game. Register soon and fund the wallet.

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