Switchless Software Company Acquires Africa’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange

South Africa’s Bitcoin software company Switchless acquired the largest Bitcoin exchange on the African continent, but the total transaction amount was not disclosed. Switchless is a company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and he acquired it less than a year after the BitX exchange was established. According to Marcus Swanepoel, the head of Switchless, he bought […]

World Bank President: Everyone is “excited” about blockchain technology

In an interview with CNBC, Jim Yong Kim said that this technology “makes everyone excited”-he discussed cryptocurrencies carefully in a statement. “B-chain technology is something everyone is excited about, but we must remember that Bitcoin is one of the few instances. In addition, when blockchains are used, they are basically Ponzi schemes. Therefore, if we […]

[Industry] Bitmain Drifts to Singapore as a Paradise for ICO

In June last year, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (the “Bank of Singapore”) launched a “regulatory sandbox” mechanism for financial technology companies, providing financial products with opportunities for “sandbox experiments”. Fintech companies participating In the case of prior filing, it is possible to develop businesses or products that conflict with current laws and regulations. Even if […]

Blockchain is listed in the top ten strategic technology development trends in 2021

Gartner announced the top ten strategic technology development trends that will have a significant impact on most corporate organizations in 2021. The first three strategic technology development trends explore how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (machine learning) will penetrate into almost any field, and represent a main battlefield for technology providers in the next […]

Bitcoin mining pool Bitclub mined the first Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) block

On March 19th, the Bitcoin mining pool Bitclub mined its first Bitcoin Infinite (Bitcoin Limited, BU) block. Because the current Bitcoin mining pool’s support for Bitcoin expansion technology uses the mined blocks as signal support, it can be understood that the Bitcoin mining pool Bitclub chooses to support Bitcoin unlimited. Over the course of the past […]

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