Solid Marketz Review – Is Solid Marketz Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Solid Marketz Review

People talk a lot about an ideal situation, but do ideals really exist? When I started my research for the best online trading platforms, I was convinced that there were no ideals. However, I soon realized that rather than searching for the perfect one, I should look for a near-perfect trading platform. And that’s when Solid Marketz came into the view. I think this company has done everything that should make it an ideal for any trader in the world. But of course, you would want to know more about it before you make a decision.

And that’s where I come in. My job is to tell you everything about this firm and what it has to offer, so it is easy for you to make a decision in its favor. So, read this complete Solid Marketz review to learn more about this broker.

Legitimacy and Suitability of Solid Marketz

Deposit with Ease and Safely

When it comes to starting your trading journey, the first thing you have to do is to open a trading account. This account has to be opened with a company on the internet that allows you to trade financial assets. In this particular case, we are discussing Solid Marketz. To open an account with this company, you will have to make a deposit. You have to ask whether it is going to be a difficult or easy process. I can tell you that depositing money in your account has never been easier before Solid Marketz.

You can deposit your money through the traditional ways, such as credit cards and debit cards. You can go for safety and pick bank wire transfer. However, if you are a customer of MoneyNet or Upaycard, you will not be disappointed because this firm offers you those options as well. Do keep in mind that all your funds will go into separate accounts, for their safety and your peace of mind.

Easiest Accounts for Trading

The first time I looked at the arrangement of accounts from this broker, I was forced to say that they were the easiest and most intelligently created trading accounts. I am tired of seeing trading platforms offering you so many choices that you get confused at the end. You just don’t know which one to pick. Not to mention, some of these accounts require a ridiculously huge amount from you to sign up with them. It is almost unbelievable. On the other hand, you have Solid Marketz offering you only three choices. So, you can either be a beginner, advanced trader, or a professional.

You can pick the beginner account with only a small amount of 250 EUR. Make a deposit of 5000 EUR to start with the advanced account, called the intermediate account. The expert account requires only 20,000 EUR from you. Yes, that’s all you have to know about signing up with this broker. Isn’t it easy?

More than 350 Instruments with Lowest Spreads

You have a variety of instruments that you can trade with this company. In specific, if you are trading on its trading platform, you will have more than 350 different instruments available for you to trade. You can see that right from day one, you will have this opportunity to diversify your portfolio with the assets that you prefer. You can trade many different cryptocurrencies when you are with Solid Marketz. You don’t have to set any limitations on how many assets you trade when there are none from the company that you are trading with.

Now, what makes things better is the kind of spreads that you will be facing when you trade these instruments. In many cases, you can’t trade a particular asset because the spreads are not very favorable. The problem with loose spreads is that you end up spending too much money on covering the spread rather than taking it as a profit on your trade. I am glad to tell you that Solid Marketz makes your life easier in this department. On many assets, you will have to deal with spreads of only 0.1pips. These are probably the most competitive spreads that I have seen from any online broker.

Three Trading Platform Formats

There are three different types of trading platforms that you can sign up with when you are with Solid Marketz. That’s what I love about this firm. It does not force you to use a particular trading platform just because there is no other option. In the case of this broker, you have all the different types of platforms to pick from. You can go with MetaTrader 4 if you are looking for the best trading platform in the online trading world. Yes, there is no other platform that can beat the ease, intuitiveness, and user-friendliness of MetaTrader 4.

In addition to that, you have a web trader, which you can use on any device because it will be running in the web. You have this trading platform available as a web application, so you can open it on any device. Whether you have a computer, mobile, or tablet, you can use the web trader with ease. You won’t even have to think twice about the operating system you have on your device before you use this one. Last but not least, you have the mobile trader as well. Yes, the company is providing you with an application that has been designed specifically for your mobiles to run smoothly and fast every time.

Final Thoughts

I think you must have gotten a clear idea of why I think this broker is close to being ideal. It gives you a great trading platform, and many choices within. It offers you the lowest spreads with up to 360 different assets that you can trade from the same trading platform. It protects your money and information from the beginning. Signing up with it is easy with an amount of only 250 EUR. I don’t think there is anything about Solid Marketz that does not impress me. So, if you think you are convinced, I think you should look at its website today.

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