ZBS Capital Partners with Chainbroker.io

ZBS Capital Partners with Chainbroker.io

Hello there, all the geeks, blockchain clients and fans, the next news is for you. ZBS Capital, a London venture firm is happy to announce a collaboration with ChainBroker.io, a legitimate cryptocurrency platform! This is the next step to the decentralized future, and legal, reliable public funding opportunities. We both agreed on cooperation that will not only assist us two in decentralizing crypto fundings but also help all the interested parties to access highlighted investment insights from accomplished traders and work together to grow in the industry! Besides, you will all come across powerful investing analytics and a plethora of investment opportunities.

The short agreement terms stand for the following:

  • track private and public financing;
  • provide the most credible and fresh information on seed, private, strategic, and IDO/IEO rounds;
  • provide experienced assistance by top traders who have been in the industry for years, and who know inside out of all the hidden pitfalls;
  • avail public information on the best investment opportunities, and public financing via the social media accounts;
  • sharing of the portfolios with projects backed by ZBS Capital, as well as the project’s performance, ROI, price movement, and more.

Beyond that, the collaboration permits the two to share the proper connections between each other and give a high-quality evaluation of low-risk or risk-free crypto venture initiatives for further use. For more information on how it can benefit the partners or potential clients, please do contact the representatives of either ZBS Capital or ChainBroker directly, and your inquiries will be promptly addressed.

Why trust both parties? For your consideration, find the detailed information on the two platforms below.

ZBS Capital vs ChainBroker

With its headquarters in London, ZBS Capital is a renowned private equity business. Venture capital, which focuses on the construction of a decentralized future, is the key area of competence. In 2017, the company was established. It boasts a vast pool of talents in the disciplines of blockchain, marketing, and finance, with both hard and soft abilities.

It is important to specify that the major function of social media networks is to post short/medium-term trading opportunities. You may get detailed data and trade evaluations on the project’s technical advancement, social impact, and tokenomics, for example. On the other hand, it is highly important to inform you that we do not provide investment advice but Digital Assets insights, we are involved.

The following company’s traits can be summarized.

  • ZBS CAPITAL assists projects with financial and advisory support in order to help them accomplish their objectives;
  • The firm carefully selects big start-ups that have the potential to impact the world;
  • The key mission is to develop a decentralized society with partners and interested crypto/venture clients by supporting good efforts and assisting them in fulfilling their vision;
  • Thanks to the considerable business experience and extensive network of contacts, the firm also supports efforts in reaching online and industry audiences and raising product awareness.

ZBS Capital has been servicing the cryptocurrency space since 2017! Among the success portfolios of collaborations, it is worth specifying Ultra, Brand Protocol, DIA, and WStafi. More previous partnerships can be seen in the firm portfolio on the official website.

What about ChainBroker?

Chain Broker, on the other hand, is a cryptocurrency platform that keeps track of both private and public fundraising. You may get the freshest information on seed, private, strategic, and IDO/IEO rounds. You can overlook and sign up for potential projects, read comprehensive infographics, and learn about upcoming crypto events. For more updated information and updates on ChainBroker’s services, please visit the official social media sites.

Note, gaming, finance, NFT & Collectibles, Liquidity Management, and Data Management are just some of the project types available. You should contact the company directly if you have a special financial project in mind that isn’t covered by the stated options.

Trending, forthcoming, and most recent projects can all be filtered with the platform. You can also filter things per pre-seed, seed, and private rounds, as well as strategic and venture rounds.

Website zbs.capital
Twitter twitter.com/ZBScapital
Telegram t.me/ZBScapital

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