Eiro-group Review – Is Eiro-group Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Eiro-group Review

It hurts me when I see some bad words about an online trading platform and I know for sure that they are not true. I have seen it recently that a lot of online sources are totally maligning some great online trading platforms. Recently, I heard someone talk about Eiro-group and calling it a scam. However, I think that you have to look beyond the rumors to find out the truth. What I mean is that if you look at the trading features of this company, you can’t say that it is a scam. Of course, I urge that you do your own research as well to know the truth.

In the meantime, I am giving you this Eiro-group review to help you know more about it. I am sure that after reading this review, you will know a lot to make your decision without any bias against the company.

Support and Advisors

So, the first thing that is going to impress you about this company is that it has provided you with all the support that you need as a new trader. It takes a great online trading platform to realize that the needs of new traders are not the same as those of old and experienced traders. So, if you look at the features that are a part of this trading platform, I am sure you will realize that it has been created by someone who really knows new trader. Firstly, look at the customer support that is there for you 24 hours a day during the working days. Yes, it is not available the entire week, but when it is available, it is there for you around the clock.

What impresses me even more is that there are even financial advisors to help you with your trades. I have not seen any other company offering this amazing feature. In a way, you can say that you are not alone in this trading activity. You have someone with you who can always steer you in the right direction when you are go wayward.

Web-based Modern Trading Platform

Why do I admire the trading platform from this broker so much? Well, because I have tried many trading platforms before and I can tell you the exact problems you are going to have with them. So, some online companies will offer you a trading platform that you can download on your mobile phone. Yes, it is a great way to trade because the trading platform that has been designed for a mobile runs very smoothly on it. But what if you want to trade on your computer at some point? Well, you will have to download the software again and install and use it.

You will use all the settings that you had on the software on your mobile phone. Secondly, if something wrong happens to your device, you can say goodbye to your trading platform as well. On the other hand, you have this web-based trading platform from Eiro-group that provides you with access to it from anywhere in the world. You don’t even have to think twice about the device you are using for signing in and using the platform. It does not require any downloads from you and runs smoothly on all the devices.

Trade More than Digital Coins

Some people might tell you that this platform is not good for you and that they are only taking money from you in the name of cryptocurrency trading. However, I have to tell you here that this platform is not limited to that type of trading only. If you have been following this broker for some time, you can tell that it provides you with access to other financial markets as well. You can in fact read that right on the home page of the website. You can invest your money in precious metals if you want or buy the currency pairs in forex market that benefit you.

You can go for stocks trading and pick stocks in the form of buckets through indices trading. There is something for everyone on this trading platform and I think you are going to love it. You will also notice that you can either decide to trade CFDs or go with stocks and ETFs trading.

Insurance, Bonus, and More

You are going to discover a lot of great things when you look at the accounts types from this broker. First of all, you will be forced to admire the way it has designed is trading accounts. You have six of them to cater to the needs of beginners as well as professionals. The amount that you need to deposit in the basic account to start in the trading world is only 500 EUR. You will get a loyalty bonus with every account you sign up with. This bonus is there for you for using this trading platform actively. It starts at 10% and goes all the way up to 100%.

To make things even better, you have some insured trades with this broker. The insured trades are there to help you trade in the beginning without the fear of losing money. An insured trade means that you will not have to worry about the loss because you will not lose your money on the trade. You will be glad to know that the insured trades are there for you even if you go with only the most basic account. With the basic account, you will have an insurance level of 10%, which then goes up with every account type.

Final Thoughts

I can truly tell you that some of the features that Eiro-group provides you with are not even there for you with some of the most recognized brokers in the world. They talk about their leverages and margin requirements, and completely forget to focus on things that Eiro-group has focused on so well. In other words, you will have a great overall trading experience with this company with ample opportunities to make money on your trades with insured trades and bonuses.

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