OffersFX Review – Is OffersFX Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?


Today, I am going to talk about OffersFX, an online broker that provides you a trading platform to a trade a variety of assets. There are many other brokers that provide you with similar services, but there is something that makes this broker unique. And that’s why it has impressed me enough to review it and tell you about its features. I think there is a lot you can say about this broker because it is doing so many things right. However, I will only focus on the most highlighted features OffersFX that should be enough to convince you to give it a shot and believe that it is truly a legitimate crypto broker.

So, here is the OffersFX review that you have been waiting for.

The Best Features OffersFX Offers You

Protection and Safety

Whether it is the protection of your money or safety of your information, you will not be disappointed by this company. It takes all the measures necessary to make sure its traders feel safe when they trade on its trading platform. Not to mention, safety is relatively a bigger concern for those trading cryptocurrencies. Now, when you provide your information to this company, it will be properly encrypted. As for the money you put in your trading account, the firm has separate accounts to hold it. In other words, you are safe in all possible ways when you sign up with OffersFX.

Regulation from CySEC

When it comes to the argument about the legitimacy of an online company, I think you can end it by mentioning regulation. If an online trading services provider is not regulated, you have a big debate ready about its legitimacy. In this particular case, I think you can rest assured when you trade because the broker is properly regulated. It is regulated by CySEC, which stands for Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission.

Demo Account

You have so many brokers talking so much about helping you as a new trader with your trading career. Of course, since brokers know that millions of traders from around the world are trading only for the first time, they should cater to their needs. But what I usually see is a focus on trading education. Yes, I can approve of the fact that there are some great brokers with some really helpful training material for you. However, I would also like to tell you that this training material is never enough. Yes, you will know a lot of things about trading when you learn through the training material, but you will still step in the market with doubts and skepticism, and lack of confidence too.

In the case of this broker, I think it is a great feature to offer traders with a demo account. This demo account lets you put all your learning and experience to practice. If you have learned certain things in the training material, which this broker offers too, you can put that to use in the demo account. Of course, since it is a demo account, you don’t put any money on the line. You just trade with the dummy credits that are given to you by your broker.

Live Chat Feature

This particular feature needs a special mention because it is there only for your help. The broker can easily do away with a feature like this because you can’t force the broker to introduce it. However, the best brokers that I have seen on the internet have incorporated this feature on their websites. I think it helps traders get in touch with the company without picking up their phones or going through emails that usually take hours before you receive any reply. With the online chat feature, you can talk to an agent from the company live and in real-time. You can ask whatever questions you may have and you will get the answers to those questions instantly.

Many Instruments for Trading

If you pay attention to the heading, you will notice that I have used the word “instrument.” That’s because this broker offers you a lot of instruments for trading. Yes, I can tell you that there are hundreds of other brokers that offer you many assets for trading, but things are different with this broker. You are not only getting some great asset options, but you have multiple instrument types that you can trade with OffersFX. So, the first thing you have to know that you will primarily be trading CFDs when you sign up with OffersFX. But that’s not where your trading expedition ends.

The broker also provides you with the opportunity to put your money into ETF trading. In ETF trading, you are able to trade many different types of assets in the form of buckets. You can already do that with the help of indices. However, when you talk about indices, you are looking at preset assets that belong to the same category that you have to trade with an index. In the case of ETFs, you are able to trade buckets of assets that belong to many different categories. In addition to that, the broker has also brought you the governments bonds that you can trade from the same trading platform.

Many Types of Assets

This is something that needs to be mentioned after telling you that there are many different types of instruments that you can trade with this broker. So, when it comes to assets, you have some brokers that provide you with the opportunity to trade only a specific type of asset. For example, there are many traders that stick to forex trading. When you sign up with them, you can only trade forex currency pairs. You will never have to deal with such limitation when you are with OffersFX.

The broker has given you many different types of assets that you can trade from the same trading platform. You can trade stocks if you like or go with indices if you want to trade them in buckets. On the other hand, you also have fiat currency pairs that you will be trading in the forex market. The same trading platform will also give you access to commodities, the asset class in which you can trade precious metals, energies, soft commodities and much more.

Trading Platform with Compatibility

You are not stuck with a particular type of trading platform when you sign up with OffersFX. I have to tell you that there are some brokers that prefer to offer you the mobile application of their trading platform. They try to tell you that they care about you and so they have brought their trading application to your favorite device. Then there are brokers that have web traders, which you can use on any device without any downloads. What if I told you that you can get both these formats of trading platform with OffersFX? Yes, this broker has the mobile and tablet application in addition to the web trader for you.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I have found many online brokers that are as complete as this one. There is no feature that I find useless for traders. Everything that this broker offers you has some serious thinking behind it. You will enjoy trading with it because you will get everything that you need on your trading platform. Consider other features from this broker and make up your mind if you are ready to trade and make money. When you have such great features in place, it is an indication that you are signing up with the right one.

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