Wobit Review – A Few Reasons to Let Wobit.io Help You Trade in Cryptocurrencies

Wobit Review - A Few Reasons to Let Wobit.io Help You Trade in Cryptocurrencies

With the commercialization of the internet, online users were not only provided with a platform to do searches or do online streaming. The online platform offered the users much more productive things than a person in the real-world could imagine.

There was a time when trades were only limited to the people who had the trading businesses in their bloodlines and were linked to the fields through their ancestors. However, the internet provided even a common man the ability to set foot into the online trading industry.

This provided people with a different kind of exposure and confidence, thinking that everything is possible in the world with the help of the internet. So far, the internet has managed to stay true to its claim and reputation of providing people the freedom to do anything. To make sure you know who you are dealing with, check out their Linkedin profile. Many professionals utilize linkedin marketing to gain leverage.

Wobit Review

Broker        WOBIT
Website https://wobit.io/
Trading Type Cryptocurrency Trading
In-house Platform Yes
Leverage X10
Funding with Crypto Yes
Mining Allowed Yes (Through WOBIT Mining Pool)
Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc.
Account Manager Yes
Customer Support 24/7/365 (Phone, Email, Online Form)

The Introduction of Online Trading Platforms

With the passage of time, the internet has become home to infinite opportunities and platforms that users can use to make a living. The most profitable and feasible platforms that the online trading sector offered users were forex, indices, stocks, and commodities. By trading in these instruments, millions of users around the world are making a living and have managed to become millionaires and very rich. There was a time when the online trading platforms were considered a part-time gig but now, the online trading platforms have become a primary source of money-making for many investors.

Cryptocurrencies in the House

In 2009, the entire online trading community was introduced with a unique and revolutionary concept known as cryptocurrencies. The sole purpose for the launch of cryptocurrencies was to provide people the freedom to manage their share personal information if they are willing. This online trading instrument was even new and alien to the native online trading platforms that were already playing their role in helping investors make money.

Although the cryptocurrency industry did face a lot of difficulties and obstacles in the beginning, yet the industry has managed to gain mainstream adoption. The industry has gone through some pretty tough situations and thrived under some of the harshest of environments.

Most importantly, the industry managed to make a name against the traditional finance industry that always opposed cryptocurrency technology and its infrastructure. Now, even the traditional finance sector is looking into various opportunities and options of adopting cryptocurrencies.

How likely are you To Survive and Succeed in Cryptocurrency Industry?

Though the cryptocurrency industry has been around since 2009, yet it has gained enormous adoption and investments in the past couple of years. It was only 3 years back when the cryptocurrency industry had around 35 million users but as of now, the industry is exceeded the 200 million user benchmark. In the beginning, the cryptocurrency industry only comprised of a small number of cryptocurrencies but now it has more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies. There are currently more than 500 cryptocurrency trading platforms claiming to be the best in the market.

Because of the reasons above, the cryptocurrency trading platform has now become very complex and vast and is somewhat impossible for a new and novice trader to handle. The data that flows through the crypto-trading platforms every day is enormous and has become even much difficult for the veteran crypto-trading platforms. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose the right crypto-trading platform that is capable of handling all the pressure and provide you with all the support that you need.

How Wobit is Not Like The Typical Crypto-Trading Platforms

When it comes to choosing a reliable, secure, and profitable cryptocurrency trading platform, then you can try giving a shot to Wobit. Wobit is a cryptocurrency trading platform that has been around since 2016 and has been providing unparalleled services to its clients in the online cryptocurrency trading industry. Wobit was developed and launched by the trading and technical experts in the cryptocurrency industry that live and breathe cryptocurrencies.

As explained earlier, when the cryptocurrency trading industry was first launched, it did not have much to handle. Therefore, the cryptocurrency trading platforms formed were focused on providing full support and assistance to the investors. Their main goal was the empowerment of the investors and helping them learn the basics and providing them with all the necessary information related to cryptocurrencies.

At that point, the main focus was to gain the investors’ trust and bring more exposure to the industry. With time, as the industry grew in size, volume, and numbers, the focus of the majority of the cryptocurrency trading platforms shifted to other elements such as investments and margins. This is where a gap between the trading platforms and investors was brought into being.

This is where Wobit comes in and aims to bring back the old traditions to the industry. Wobit and its experts are dedicated to providing the best services and support to the investors. Their aim and focus are to build up your trading profile and provide you with all the guidance you need in order to survive and thrive in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

Wobit is well aware of laying out things for investors as simple as possible so they do not face any problems while getting used to the services and benefits offered by the platform.

Products Supported by Wobit

When trading in the cryptocurrency industry, it is not sufficient if you are provided with a trading account only. There are many benefits and products that need to be provided by the cryptocurrency trading platforms before you start finding it easy to trade in the cryptocurrency markets and gain profits:

Funding Options

If you have gone through other cryptocurrency trading platforms, you would have noticed one similarity in all of them, which is that the platforms restrict you in making deposits only through fiat currencies. Most of the time, even the fiat currencies are restricted to USD, GBP, and EUR.

However, Wobit is here to provide you with the best solution ever. The platform grants you the opportunity to make a deposit through any cryptocurrency that you have under your possession. There are currently more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies in the entire industry and Wobit gives you the freedom of choosing any cryptocurrency to make the deposit.

This way, people do not even have to worry about sharing their banking or credit/debit card information while making the deposits. The best thing about making deposits through cryptocurrencies at Wobit is that the money you deposit reflects in your Wobit trading account instantly so you can start trading with it right away.


When it comes to building trust, it is not you trusting Wobit, but Wobit also trusts you with its assets and funds. To ensure that you are making the most out of the opportunities and gaining as many profits as you can, Wobit has the best kind of support it can provide you while trading. Wobit gives you the freedom to trade at your maximum potential and extract as many profits from a position as possible.

There are many cryptocurrency trading platforms that allow you to trade with only what you have in your trading account. In the online trading markets, you will come across many scenarios and situations where you would wish you had more resources or funds to invest because you had the deal in the palm of your hand. But there is nothing much you can do because other platforms would not provide you with that opportunity.

On the other hand, the trading experts at Wobit know exactly how they need to fulfill your needs and are there to provide you with maximum financial support to help you earn more money from trades. At Wobit, you are provided with 10x more funds than you have available in your trading account so you have the financial boost and can bring more profits into your account.

Mining Pool

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies then it is highly likely that you are well aware of the term “cryptocurrency mining”. When the cryptocurrency industry was launched back in 2009, cryptocurrency mining was the only way for users to acquire cryptocurrencies and at the very beginning, Bitcoin (BTC). However, with time, cryptocurrency mining has only become restricted to businesses and enterprises that are able to afford the rigs and equipment that is required to carry out cryptocurrency mining.

When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, the users/miners are required to have high-end systems and rigs that comprise expensive GPU(s). These GPU(s) then run on their highest capacity and bit rates to solve complex equations through programming and the final product is the token that the miners acquire as a reward for solving the calculations.

However, these rigs and the process of setting them up is quite expensive and troublesome. This is the reason why Wobit has taken all the responsibility of mining tokens for you. All you need to do is sign up with the Wobit Mining Pool, which is a cloud-based mining protocol. Once joined, you are mining Bitcoin (BTC) through Wobit and all your profits and tokens would start reflecting in your account.

Margin Trading

This is where Wobit provides you the opportunity to use the trading leverage and make the right calls in order to make the most out of the trading markets. Cryptocurrency margin trading is quite similar to Forex trading but here, you are trading through pairs that consist of cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies.

It is completely up to you whether you would like to go for the largest trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), or go for the ones that are startups but are promising in the long run. The forex trading industry comprises only around 70 trading pairs while cryptocurrencies tend to offer thousands of trading pairs that the investors can choose to trade-in.

When you are doing margin trading, all the decisions are yours, all the calls, and shots are yours so you can make as much profit as you can. The margin trading markets are live and full of opportunities, so you can build up the right amount of confidence and make the right calls at the right time to make profits.

Trading Account Offered by Wobit

Another very common thing among the majority of the cryptocurrency trading platform is that they offer you a variety of trading accounts. Each trading account offered by such platforms comes with different types of services and benefits. The amount of services and benefits you wish to acquire depends on how much money you are willing to deposit into the trading account with the platform.

On the other hand, Wobit believes in providing the same kind of treatment, services, and benefits to all its clients. Whether you are new to Wobit or old, whether you have deposited hundreds at Wobit or thousands, you are going to receive the same kind of treatment from the firm just like it treats the rest.

Most of the time, investors end up leaving the platform because the brokers ask for too much personal information from the investors at the time of signing up. However, Wobit requires you to provide just the basic information such as full name, mobile number, country, and email to get you inducted into the Wobit’s trading family. Once you are signed up, you are provided with a huge range of cryptocurrency trading markets that are filled with opportunities of making huge profits and gains.

Trading Markets You Can Target Through Wobit

As explained earlier, the majority of the cryptocurrency trading platforms tend to provide you with services based on the amount of money you are willing to deposit. This not only de-motivates the investors making low deposits but also deprives them of the opportunities of making huge profits and income.

The same is the case with the trading markets they are provided. If you make a huge deposit, then such platforms provide you with prominent and most profitable trading markets and if you are making small profits then you are left with low trading markets. The draw-back from such markets is that the investors hardly ever get to learn anything from them and they do not even make enough profits to make higher deposits. Therefore, the investors find themselves stuck in a loop where they keep trading for small profits.

However, Wobit is here to change that concept entirely and focuses on providing you with the most profitable and abundant cryptocurrency trading markets. These markets are filled with gains and profits all along the trading journey so you can make the best decisions and gain empowerment while trading.

Wobit’s Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

It is a fact that all of the trading markets and benefits provided by a cryptocurrency trading broker would go to waste if it does not have a capable and reliable trading platform to support and practice all of these services. This is where Wobit also manages to earn the spotlight by providing you with an exclusive trading platform that is available only to the Wobit clients as it has been designed and launched by the technical, analytical, and programming team at Wobit itself.

The teams have joined their heads and come up with their own cryptocurrency trading platform that is as secure as any other enterprise-level trading platform. The platform has been designed with one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive trading interfaces.

The platform offered by Wobit offers features such as daily market news, daily asset updates, news alerts, daily price alerts, trading charts, historical reports, multi-lingual support, a variety of trading markets, and many more.

Wobit’s Security Infrastructure

When it comes to offering security and safety to the clients, Wobit knows it is extremely important to protect the personal and financial information of the clients as well as their assets. This is the reason why Wobit has created its own trading platform so it is not controlled or ever breached by any third parties.

As far as the security protocols and measurements are concerned, Wobit’s security is top-notch and is built from state of the art security equipment. The security infrastructure built and deployed by the engineering teams and technicians at Wobit is enterprise or corporate level. This makes it extremely difficult to breach and exploit for information or funds.

So if you are planning to trade through Wobit, you can rest assured that your personal information and trading assets are in the right and safe hands.

Wobit Assigns Your Profile to an Account Manager

When it comes to providing support and guidance throughout your trading journey, Wobit knows exactly how to knock things out of the park. At Wobit, as soon as your account is set up and a deposit is made, your profile is assigned to an account manager right away.

These account managers are experts in trades and analyzing the data to find the best deals and opportunities for you. So if you have any question or query related to trade, you can always get in touch with your account manager at Wobit who will provide you with all the support he or she can.

As far as their experience is concerned, these account managers are experts in trading and analyzing data to generate signals. They are well aware of the trends of the markets and can provide you with insights on the trading markets as well as tips and tricks to make the most out of the deals or positions you open.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Regulations

If you decide to go for a different cryptocurrency trading platform, the most important thing to know is whether the firm is compliant with the regulations or not. In order for a cryptocurrency trading firm to operate, it is extremely crucial and important for the firm to be adherent to the regulatory policies. If a cryptocurrency trading firm is not adherent to such policies, then it is always at the risk of getting shut down by the regulatory authorities. If that happens then the users also end up losing their assets and profits.

However, Wobit is extremely adherent and compliant with the regulatory policies such as Know-Your-Customer and acquires your personal identification information to ensure that you are not involved in any criminal activities.

Do not think that Wobit is doing it with you or is being discriminatory, being adherent to the KYC policy requires the firm to acquire your personal identification information and provide it to the regulatory authorities. This is done to ensure that the investors acquiring the services are not part of any criminal or terrorist funding activities.

Customer Support Offered by Wobit

Wobit knows that in order to keep up-to-date with the queries, asks, and concerns of the clients, it is extremely important to have a customer support team ready to always cater to their needs. This is the reason why Wobit has put together a team of highly experienced and professionals that have been trained for the sole purpose of providing the best support to the investors.

Before making these individuals part of the Wobit’s support team, the expert trainers at Wobit walk the representatives through many training sessions and programs. All of these training sessions are conducted with the aim to empower the representatives with enough knowledge and information they need to provide support to the investors.

So if you ever find yourself stuck in a pickle and want some quick assistance or have a small query you need answering, you can contact Wobit’s customer support team either via phone or email. Whether it is an email or call, you do not have to worry whether they will answer or not because the support provided by the Website is 24/7 throughout the year.

You Can Personally Pay a Visit at Wobit’s Headquarters

If you are still a bit hesitant and skeptical about acquiring services through Wobit, then you are free to pay a visit to Wobit’s Headquarters that is located at Weesperstraat 61, 1018 VN Amsterdam or you can write an email at [email protected] to gather more information about the firm before you make up your mind.

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