How to Fix [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error Code?

How to Fix [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error Code?

Do errors bug you just like [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error Code?

Do errors make you lose your cool?

Do errors make you believe less in your computing skills?

Do errors de-motivate you??

You are not alone!!

These and more issues are there with the errors that might make you cranky, almost.

One of the errors you find most annoying is [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error.

Ever wondered why it occurs?

The answer to that question is that while you use Microsoft outlook for your daily tasks and routines then this most annoying [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error occurs.

This error put you dead in your tracks and you get distracted and ultimately stopped from using Microsoft outlook to manage your tasks.

PII Errors [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef]:

Let us first breakdown the error first.

The numbers are obviously the internal system code.

While PII means Personally Identifiable Information or PII, when abbreviated.

This means that your information is personal such as name, living or mailing and permanent address.

Phone number and other contact numbers are only exclusive to you. Everybody has different details in terms of personally identifiable information.


Emailing is a critically thinking process that must be done with quite considerations and focus, at the task in hand. If the distractions occur, they can hinder the systematic and quite tiresome tasks of emailing. If the application that keeps our email system in check get disturbed of bogged down with errors, then it can be very challenging to keep our cools at the maximum.

The [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error occurs when the Microsoft Outlook application gets bogged down due to some underlying problem that need to be resolved in order to get access back of our Microsoft Outlook application account sign in.

[pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error can be hard on the system as they are due to personally identifiable information missing out some details or cookies can caches get problems.

[pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error occurs because of several reasons. Major reason is the information gets mixed up in cookies and caches. They are unable to sort out the information entered by different accounts. This can be tricky at times when there is less coherence among the data the accounts are entering into credentialling space.

Next major reason is the Microsoft Outlook application is not up to date in the latest version. The updates can also get messed up in the software and hardware. This can be resolved by updating current version to the latest version of the application.


There are multiple problems for the [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error to occur, so there must be multiple solutions to the problem. We just must see what could and could not work for us in the process of resolving [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error issue.

Here are the probable solutions, when followed exactly and consciously can get us to the bottom of the problem and ultimately lead us to the solution to [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error.

Let us get started and dive into the solution matrix.

 Stop using multiple accounts

First step in the solution process is to log out all the accounts that you have added into the Microsoft Outlook accounts section.

Believe it or not multiple accounts may seem an efficient solution to the mails, but they are in fact not because they mess up the information sorting of the Microsoft Outlook application.

So, its good practice to use only one account at a time and switch between multiple accounts on Microsoft Outlook application for added benefits to the email organization process.

It is advised and cannot be stresses enough to just use one account at a given time with Microsoft Outlook application to prevent causing [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error.

 Clean up cache and cookies

[pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error can be caused by the cookies and cache as they get filled with multiple accounts information. The cookies and cache cannot sometimes sort out different accounts’ information, so they clog the sorting process.

[pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error can be solved for messed up cookies and caches by cleaning them of all the previously stored information. For this see the settings in the Microsoft Outlook application on your system and look for the appropriate option from the provided menu of options.

See to it that cookies and cache are cleared, and the Microsoft Outlook application runs smoothly after.

Installation process

Most of the times [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error occurs due to faulty installation of the Microsoft Outlook application. This can be avoided by carefully installing the Microsoft Outlook application again.

This time, when installing Microsoft outlook application, remove the old one from the control panel on windows and then close all running programs in the background or foreground.

This applications closure will ensure that there is no conflicting applications running and the installation can run smoothly without causing any errors of the sort such as [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error.

Hope that reinstalling Microsoft outlook application resolves the issue that you are encountering in the form of [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error.


One method to just temporarily fix the [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error is to use web-based application of Microsoft outlook instead of desktop version for emails on Microsoft outlook application.

This however is a temporary solution but can help in troubled times such as when you must get your most urgent emails out on time as per schedule to someone important to you and your work.

Use other versions to Fix [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef]

Since this issue of [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error is more common on windows 10 than any other version so it must a practical solution to downgrade to older version of windows.

If you cannot, for practical reasons off course, use any other version then it might be good idea to use the Microsoft outlook application on compatibility mode for windows 8 or for windows 7.

This would ensure that there is problem with your windows 10 installation such as some files are missing or got corrupt.

So, compatibility mode can run you windows 10 application without the need to change your windows. This can be done by right clicking and then opening properties option then run into compatibility mode by first opening the compatibility troubleshooter.

Hope this could resolve the problem for [pii_email_bd3a8df463d4a6ebf4ef] Error.

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