How to Fix [pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error Code? 100%


Do errors bug you especially [pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error Code?

Do errors make you lose your cool?

Do errors make you believe less in your computing skills?

Do errors de-motivate you??

You are not alone!!

These and more issues are there with the errors that might make you cranky, almost.

One of the errors you find most annoying is [pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error.

Ever wondered why it occurs?

The answer to that question is that while you use Microsoft outlook for your daily tasks and routines then this most annoying [pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error occurs.

This error put you dead in your tracks and you get distracted and ultimately stopped from using Microsoft outlook to manage your tasks.

PII Errors (pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6) :

Let us first breakdown the error first.

The numbers are obviously the internal system code.

While PII means Personally Identifiable Information or PII, when abbreviated.

This means that your information is personal such as name, living or mailing and permanent address.

Phone number and other contact numbers are only exclusive to you. Everybody has different details in terms of personally identifiable information.


Now we investigate the reasons that cause the irritable errors to occur. Some of the major reasons are:

  • Elaborated programming data or system
  • Some mistakes inside the arrangement
  • Worker strife SMTP

The above reasons can occur and hinder your working with Microsoft Outlook, but they are not intended to add upon to your computing knowledge so its better we leave them here and move up to solutions which must be at your priority.


Let us start looking into methods to resolve [pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error and move on with our lives into more important aspects and start giving our attention to more pressing methods.

Logging out

Log out from other accounts should be the start. If you have added multiple accounts into your Microsoft Outlook, then you must have a sense of multitasking and organization. But here that sense has played against you. Multiple details from personal accounts together with cookies and internal strings get messed up and block your access to your main account.

To filter the information before hand we must have you logged out from all the associated accounts on your Microsoft outlook profile.


Next it is better to check the installation of your Microsoft outlook application from the official site.

Poor installation occurs when you have conflicting applications installed currently or priory on your computer system. This can cause conflict with the Microsoft outlook application and personal details that you have credentialled into your system.

To check this hindrance, you must uninstall the application and re-install a fresh copy of Microsoft outlook on your system.

Web Version of Microsoft Outlook

[pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error keeps bugging you after fresh installation?
If you got the last part right and still the error persists then it might be good idea to quickly use the web version and do your current work. Once you get time them, we can investigate more permanent options.


Even if the fresh installation does not help you with the [pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error then you must update the Microsoft Outlook new installation file. This can be done from the original website or your settings from the control panel in Windows 10.

 Compatibility Versions

If you are using Windows 10 and have performed the above methods and even still [pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error persists then it might be good idea to switch back to older versions of windows. This can help as the hardware presents issues with the newer applications and even the updating might not work some time.

One other trick is to check from the application properties and run windows compatibility suit. Windows Compatibility suit helps you redefine the application on previous versions of the software and the windows.

Workers’ Port Number (WPN) changes

A geeky trick would be to change the WPN number of each user and make every user work on different WPN for the better part. This can be accomplished by following the under mentioned procedure to detail and then hoping that the issue is resolved.

Let us start by:

  • Opening Microsoft Outlook.
  • Find account settings.
  • Look for additional settings.
  • Click on the internet email settings button.
  • Click on the advanced tab.
  • Now, instantly change the port number from 465 to 587
  • Click OK.
  • Clear cache and cookies.

Once you have followed the above procedure accurately and exactly to detail then we can hope that the issue is resolved.

This WPN changing procedure help assigning every user a separate port while erasing all the cookies and internal strings that get messed up during multiple account logins on Microsoft Outlook application on the desktop system.

The data gets refreshed and the personal information is sorted to each separate account to be used as desired.

Once you understand the problem then you might want to not open multiple Microsoft Outlook accounts on the same device because the hardware and software or your version of windows do not allow it. Switch between accounts during work. This would be tiresome but at least you would be able to work with Microsoft outlook.


The last thing you need to do is to restart your system after performing the tweaks we have mentioned above so that the changes might take place permanently.

[pii_email_75778132eab5bf3088a6] Error is tiresome to fix but it is worth it. Once you get the bugs fixed it will be worth your time as you can now help others with the same problem and help to spread the word.

Microsoft Outlook is necessary to work and organize tasks and needs constant updates. Please be sure to check for latest updates for the Microsoft Outlook application and windows 10 updates regularly because the much issues that arise are due to pending updates as we tend to forget this much.

Now, if your error gets resolved then please give a shoutout to us at our contact address. We will be happy to hear from you in the contact or the comment section.

Be sure to check out our other errors solutions guides to get your problems resolved.

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