How to Fix [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error Code?

How to Fix [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error Code?

Do errors bug you and are you facing [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error Code and you want to fix it ?

Do errors make you lose your cool?

AND Do errors make you believe less in your computing skills?

Do errors de-motivate you??

You are not alone!!

These and more issues are there with the errors that might make you cranky, almost.

One of the errors you find most annoying is [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error.

Ever wondered why it occurs?

The answer to that question is that while you use Microsoft outlook for your daily tasks and routines then this most annoying [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error occurs.

This error put you dead in your tracks and you get distracted and ultimately stopped from using Microsoft outlook to manage your tasks.

PI Errors:

Let us first breakdown the error first.

The numbers are obviously the internal system code.

While PII means Personally Identifiable Information or PII, when abbreviated.

This means that your information is personal such as name, living or mailing and permanent address.

Phone number and other contact numbers are only exclusive to you. Everybody has different details in terms of personally identifiable information.


These sorts of errors occur when the cookies and caches mix up and get messed up because of multiple sign in and credentials from multiple accounts.

It is better to use one account with Microsoft outlook if your software and hardware cause problems. If there are problems, then the Microsoft outlook application hangs up and causes errors that can cause hindrance in the process of emails and log in.

These sorts of errors also occur because of old versions of Microsoft Outlook installed on the systems that then cause errors to occur when trying to log in to the application.

Another elaborate reason for these sorts of errors to occur can be lack of application updates. If your Microsoft Outlook application is outdated and needs updating, then there lies a probable cause for occurring personal identification errors.

Once the application is updated, even then if [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error occurs then there must be a problem with the installation copy of Microsoft Outlook application.

Whatever the reasons might be, we have lined up and marked out issue for you and the solutions also are provided to assist you in the process of removing the errors yourself and continue with your important emails.

Methods to fix Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512 Error:

The emails are important affairs, and they need to be precise and right on time. For that the Emailing applications need to be spick and span. This can help in keeping the system update and organization steady.

Then there are the issues of errors that can hinder your systematic process of emails by presenting personal identifiable information errors.

We have above talked about their occurrence and reasons. Now its time to talk about their solutions by methods.

These methods, if followed to detail can help resolve the issues you face with the [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error.

Let us dive into the methods to solve the issues step by step:

Update the Microsoft Outlook Software

The first and logical step in getting rid of [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error will be updating the Microsoft Outlook application.

The [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error occur when the Microsoft Outlook Application is not updated to the latest release by the creator of the application.

In order to stop receiving [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error messages please update the Microsoft Outlook application. This can be done from the settings in windows 10 and for other versions refer to control panel and help guides provided by windows for updating software from settings directly.

Clearing Cookies and Caches

Cookies and Cache are the areas in the system memory that store frequently used information by the user for staters and layman terms. They can helpful and drastically reduce the speed of the loading code for the application under consideration.

Cookies and cache are helpful as they hold regular data that the user uses to enter details and log in credentials fore the software and application.

Sometimes cookies and caches get bogged up by the multiple users that can then in turn hinder the logging in procedure within the application sign in space.

To amend that it is recommended that you go to application settings and clear the cookies and cache so that your application gets a freshening up and anything such as information regarding address and preferences does not bog down the sign in process anymore.

Select an Auto Repairing Tool

[Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error can be very tiresome to clear manually sometimes but there are auto repairing tools that can do the work for you consuming very less effort from your part.

Auto repairing tools can automatically be able to detect the core problem for you to resolve. These tools can either resolve or correct the [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error causing problems. These sorts of tools are called auto repair because they require little to no manual resolution by the user, they automatically detect the issue and repair it.

  • Open Microsoft 365 repair tool.
  • Wait for it to start.
  • Choose repair option from the menu presented.
  • Select the type of repair that you want to perform.
  • Follow the explicit steps.
  • Once the auto repair application does its work then close it and restart.
  • Restarting the Microsoft Outlook application does not benefit as it only starts the application.
  • To make the repair changes permanent please do restart the system altogether.

Multiple account sign in

As mentioned in the occurrence part of this manual please do not sign in multiple accounts if your software and hardware cause problems such as [Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error.

Try switching between Microsoft application accounts. It will be hard at times, but it will allow you to continue your work on the schedule.


[Pii_email_9ffe242c03958f36c512] Error can be hard to remove and it can cause serious disturbance in your email schedules and organization. It can also hinder your processes with the Microsoft Outlook application and daily important emails, but these errors are purely manageable and resolvable with little to no effort.

You do not have to move mountains to get your Microsoft Outlook application back.

Just identify your problem and get to the resolution with this guide.

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