The New Orleans antique shop accepts Bitcoin as the first case in the antique industry

The New Orleans antique shop accepts Bitcoin as the first case in the antique industry

An antique shop in New Orleans accepts buyers to use Bitcoin to trade precious antique items. This shop is called David’s Antiques and is run by a couple David and Ester Edry. There are mainly jewelry, and some old and new collections in the French Quarter.

Ester Edry said that she became interested in Bitcoin for the first time because she read an article about Bitcoin a year ago. “I enjoy and appreciate its creation of the community. It allows us to connect to customers and friends all over the world. Bitcoin brings us together without transaction fees and some red tape,” she said.
David and Ester Edry started accepting Bitcoin in early April, and they said they wanted to do so long ago. “As a high-end retailer, we find that Bitcoin is the most fundamentally acceptable payment method-low handling fees, no additional equipment, Bitcoin is not as easy to lose as cash, so Bitcoin is basically harmless. “
Ester Edry. said that she would rather all customers use Bitcoin to pay, so her business can help the development of the Bitcoin network, it is better to put the money in the credit card company. “We hope that there will be more daily transactions, which will definitely become a fashionable building. We are located in the center of the French Quarter, so we will meet all people from all over the world who come to inquire and discuss Bitcoin,” she explained.
Instead of the traditional credit card stickers posted on the shop window, the couple chose to do their best to promote the community area where the “We Accept Bitcoin” sign will be hung on the door, and customers like to take pictures.
The store’s first Bitcoin transaction customer was Paul and his wife, who bought some cufflinks and a money clip. Paul also said that the payment process is very simple. “The world of Bitcoin has just started. Now you can’t go to any store to buy things with Bitcoin. But every day now, more and more companies use online transactions. When you are the number one in a physical store A Bitcoin customer, that is really priceless,” he said.
Ester Edry hopes that there will be more bitcoin transactions in the near future. She said that if more and more businesses in the region start to accept electronic money, they will fall in love with it.

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